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About Us

Falcon Moving is committed to providing logistics with the very best in moving and packing services. We have proven to be one of the most trusted, punctual, professional moving companies and the surrounding suburbs.


Household moving 

Your household relocation to a new residence will be stress-free thanks to our professional wrapping and perfected moving techniques.


storage services

Long term or short term temperature controlled storage, we do it all!


International moving

Through our ocean freight and air cargo facilities, we will assist you in relocating internationally as an accomplished multinational moving company. 


cross country moving

We offer free delivery of any supplies you need – from boxes to bubble wrap, we have it all.

How does this happen?


Estimation of the amount of work to be done

The cost of moving depends on the number of items.


Packing boxes

We packing boxes, sign it. Dimensional and delicate, we pack separately.


Loading and transporting

We have cars in our fleet that are suitable for any size.


Unpacking and placing

Experienced loaders will quickly arrange boxes and remove debris from unpacking.

What our customers are saying


Best service from the time you book through the time you move. Your moving crew has quality on their mind and understands first-rate service. You’ve built an amazing company that understands the definition of service and execution.

- Alex Maslow